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Jump Into Scuba Diving For Fun And Adventure

Scuba diving opens up an adventure that's unimaginable for those with land legs. The wonders that lie beneath the water's surface are amazing. From the oceans and lakes to hidden caves and more, those who scuba see things that can only be imagined from the land.

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Cruising GayTruckers

There is no real way to cruise, Keep in mind to make sure you have a head on your shoulders. I must say that cruising is always dangerous. This is why you must have a head on your shoulders.

Especially if your cruising a trucker cause they are bothered all the time in rest stops, and Truck Stops. Truckers are bothered so much by cruisers that even when they want to sleep its not always that easy. This does not mean to not cruise truckers. I for one always wait till I know for a FACT the other guy is cruising, Knocking on Truck Doors, Walking around the truck when a driver is sleeping is really bad news. Use your best judgement and don't get to pushy.

If the driver is is interested, he more than likely is going to let you know somehow he is interested, by a means of constantly flashing his lights or constantly clicking the cb mic, or constantly lighting cigs so you can see the lighter light up in the truck. He may also walk around his truck and or take a piss. If you see him take a second piss and its only been 20 min, More than likely that driver wants some head!.

(Keyword: More than likely) doesn't mean he wants it and this all again falls back to good judgement. Please keep in mind as stated above, These drivers are working LONG HARD hours, Some trucking 15 plus hours a day. Then they are pressured by there dispatcher to get the load there even sooner!. And the dispatcher basically tells them that he doesn't care how much you have to lie on your log book, just get it there. Due to all this pressure of the industry and LAY OVERS is when a driver usually is not making money can cause any driver, Gay , BI or str8 to be in a real piss bad ass mood!.

Due to this above factor it can also cause a driver to want relief also!!, Please keep that in mind and again use your best judgement and don't be pushy. I ( Your Webmaster ), trucked the eastern side of North America for about 8 years and part of that 8 years was even going out to the west and seeing the other side of the ocean. I for one rarely slept in rest areas, I got bothered way to much by cruisers.

Especially when I was on 20 hours and no sleep and I wanted to sleep and getting my door knocked on? As stated above, Knocking on truckers door (Unless invited) is basically walking up to any house (This driver lives in that truck don't forget) so its basically like walking up to any house and knocking on the door at 3 am and saying, HI how are you , what's up? , Not good practice!. This does not mean I didn't sleep in rest areas!. You bet your tidy little ass when I layed over or I had the time and had rest I was found in a rest area clicking my mic on my CB. I have even been noted to turn the truck around and head the other direction! HA HA, ya not to smart but I did that a few times when I was so horny and had someone on the CB. Please keep in mind most of these truckers are looking for a BLOW JOB and that's it unless they really are a Gay Trucker and at that point they may be looking to do a little more.

I rarely cruised the truckstops as a driver. Reason for this is cause I owned my own truck, it had my business name on it. Even when I drove for a company I was still very skeptical on cruising a truckstop. This does not mean I did not do it!, Of coarse I did!. I just had to be smart and do things right.

In a truckstop your truck is parked next to many other rigs. If its a major PETRO or FLYING J then chances are your parked with many hundreds of rigs in one LARGE parking lot. Due to this factor a driver must be real careful, Last thing a driver needs parked in a truckstop is to air on the cb radio that the BLUE TRL TRUCK in the FRONT ROW is a good buddy!.

Though there is a lot of activity that happens at trucks tops and rest areas keep in mind your in a BLUE COLLAR type of environment, Many Married Truckers with families at home. Some willing to play and others not willing to play. And others willing to call the cops on you or come at you with a gun!. This is not meant to scare you off on cruising either. I am just explaining to use proper judgement.

So use your head, Best judgement. If your new at cruising, Then spend some time at the truckstops and rest areas and just watch, Learn!, Listen, Get a CB and listen in on cb 19. Visual experience is the best tool for learning. Sit back in your car or truck and just listen in and watch. You will get the idea in no time how to do it.

With new technology like ( wireless internet ). Cruising Truckers online has become easier. There is a good amount of Featured and non featured drivers here at GayTruckstop.

com Email um, Engage in community posts and make new friends!. Dont be afraid to ask questions and most importantly dont pressure them. They deserve all the relief they can get!, They are delivering americas frieght! So remember that the next time you put your clean pair of undies on! ( You can bet your ass a driver delivered them as some point!.

) Hope you enjoyed the article and grasped some info from it. Jeff Bailey.

From the blog archives of the GayTruckstop.com Network http://www.GayTruckstop.com

Scuba Diving

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